It's been a long time since the announcement Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, the new film in the franchise that will bring Goku and his companions back to the big screen. Initially, information about the film focused on a few details, but several new features have been revealed in recent months. These don't stop, the arrival in the halls is getting closer and closer.

Others are from V-Jump magazine Dragon Ball Super: Superhero News, with five pages devoted to the film. User Kamisama collected them and posted them on Twitter as seen in the photos below. We'll start with a first look at the new Red Ribbon's base, a structure set in a gigantic canyon managed by Magenta, the organization's new leader.

There is also room for the trio consisting of Gohan, Piccolo and Pan. If Gohan wears clothes that we already know, that will be revealed Piccolo is also disguised as a police officer for a short time with full face helmet. Then there is another page dedicated to the Saiyan trio formed by Goku, Vegeta and Broly and therefore will have important scenes in the project. Finally it's time to show Bulma in the ocher yellow Capsule Corporation jumpsuit.

It is then confirmed that Gohan and Piccolo will again play important roles and that Broly will return after the film dedicated to him.

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