Naruto was one of the most significant stories of the last decades. In this adventure written by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto Uzumaki grew from an outcast to a central ninja for his village. This story, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, has evolved over the course of 15 years and presented many legends.

What are the Naruto say best and which ones are the worst? There are 13 in this leaderboard, from the trip to the land of waves to the clashes of the Ninja War. Let's look at the stories Masashi Kishimoto wrote from the beginning.

in the The thirteenth and final position could only be the saga of the fourth great ninja war (Chapters 516-700), which is also the newest and longest saga in the manga. Many events have taken place here and despite a brilliant start with the first skirmishes and a ground floor of very powerful ninjas, the quality of the chapters decreases from volume to volume to a not very concise final phase.

in the The twelfth position is the Five Kage Summit Saga (Chapters 454-483), a difficult moment for the work that had just completed an excellent arc of divisive decisions. At this stage, despite a largely positive vote, the Naruto manga showed boundaries and flaws that made the story less exciting.

Eleventh place for the Kakashi Gaiden saga (Chapters 239-244), an interlude between the first and second part of Naruto that shows us the brutality of a real ninja war. This story was very short, but it deserves a lot more space and in-depth study so that we could better find out what world many of the manga's main characters grew up in.

In the last position of the Top 10 there is the saga of the expected reunion (Chapters 282-310). While this saga is very effective, it does indicate some uncertainties and a not particularly successful character like Sai. Ninth position instead for the Control Nine Code saga (Chapters 484-515), full of emotions, in which Naruto meets his mother and begins to learn about his past.

From the eighth position onwards, the Naruto sagas have a quality level that is much higher than those already mentioned. Let's start with the Kazekage Rescue Saga (Chapters 245-281) that brought a new Naruto to Konoha. The boy has grown up, has shown his skills, but the saga most of all has given prestige to Sakura, a character who until then had very little light and who may have reached his best moment during the clash with Sasori.

There Tsunades Research Saga (chapters 139-171) ranks seventh, with a saga that started slowly and with a lot of doubt, but ended with some epic events, like Naruto learning the Rasengan and the clash between the three legendary Sannin. There Sixth place goes to the saga of the immortal destroyers (Chapters 311-342): Hidan and Kakuzu appear and wreak havoc and destruction by first receiving the Jinchuriki Yugito and then killing Asuma. But in the end, both of them will die with a Shikamaru in great shape and an evolved Naruto.

The Top 5 with the saga of the attack of pain (Chapters 413-453), the moment that marked all of Naruto for better or for worse. The leader of the Akatsuki makes his turn and finds himself in a destroyed Konoha against the protagonist. The following clash will be one of the most beautiful and intense in the manga, making Naruto the character of the final stages of the work.

Fourth position for the saga of the land of waves (Chapters 1-33), the first manga to include both the introduction with Kakashi's exam and the double fight with Zabuza. Full of thrills, information, training, and battles, this Naruto saga is unforgettable for the characters of Zabuza and Haku.

Bronze medal for the saga of prophecy and vengeance of the master (Chapters 343-412), a very long saga, which is divided into three main battles: the clash between Sasuke and Deidara, that between Pain and Jiraiya in the rain village and finally the fight between the Uchiha brothers. A very long time with many important deaths and spectacular encounters.

There Second place goes to the Chunin Exam Saga (Chapters 34-138), another very long event that consists of several phases. From registration to the exam to the fight between Naruto and Gaara, everything happened: Kishimoto introduced us to the other teams, better presented the ninja environment and countries, put the characters in competition and laid the foundation for a large and outstanding cast. Above all, he showed the difference between the various ninja techniques and, thanks to these, created battles at the highest level: Rock Lee against Gaara, Neji against Naruto, Naruto against Gaara are just some of the main battles of this saga.

Unsurprisingly, the Sasuke Rescue Saga (chapters 172-238) comes first. Kishimoto's decision to focus on a few characters was perfect and he created characters that were charismatic and strong enough to make them all shine. The saga was an uninterrupted, adrenaline-filled chase that ended with the most thrilling fight on the series.

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