Tatsumaki made good and bad weather for the past several months has served One-Punch Man and his intervention, but only up to a point. The psychic heroine, who dominates the highest seats in the Heroes' Association, was instrumental in defeating Psykos, but even more cadres remained at large.

The first part of chapter 144 of One-Punch Man, which was released a few weeks ago, had really brought the heroes who struggled with Gums and Fuhrer Ugly into a crisis. Both Tatsumaki and Tank Top Master are on the verge of death and the two squads are back as protagonists in the second part of chapter 144 of One-Punch Man, available for a few hours on the official Tonari no Young Jump website.

Rescued the heroes slaughtered by the cadres, Pig God is preparing to return to battle while the Tank Top Masters students are busy helping with the rescue and evacuation of the area. On the battlefield while gums chew on Tank Top Master Leader ugly is about to pounce on the unconscious Tatsumaki. However, a sudden attack hits Gums and causes him to spit out Tank Top Master, who was captured by Bang. Genos begins to face the gums when Bang distracts a punch from Leader Ugly.

Gums appears to be suffering from Genos' blows, as does Fuhrer Ugly, who fails to meet Bang and instead redirects the attack on Gums. The latter is hit and angry, and while Genos and Bank leave the battlefield with the two colleagues to get to safety, he swallows Fuhrer Ugly. In the last cartoon of Murata's manga, Cadres tears up two pieces of chewing gum and comes out again as vomit leader ugly, even uglier than before and ready to take revenge on the hero of One-Punch Man.

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