Among the most famous and respected teams in our rich industry, the well-known team is prominent Studio Ghibli, a company that has made its mark on the collective imagination over these long decades and has become one of the most important pillars in the field of animated cinematography.

If you think back to the various productions that have taken shape thanks to the minds of Studio Ghibli, it is easy to find works that have proven capable of us for their magical and fairytale stories, for their magnificently characterized characters and for you equally great drawing style recognizable. The team's success is evident and the internet has millions of fans who never miss an opportunity to praise their work, as evidenced by the myriad of cosplay and themed fan art that continue to populate social networks.

Well, among the many, an old friend of ours decided to get in touch, that is Lowcostcosplayth, a boy who, thanks to his innumerable cosplay, which is characterized by a single element and is famous all over the world, is as inexpensive as is possible. The cosplayer actually decided to create his own work dedicated to My Neighbor Totoro As can be seen from the pictures at the bottom of the news, few sweets were used. The end result was as compelling as it is fun to earn the praise of a large audience.

Before we say goodbye, let's also remind you that my neighbor Totoro blew out his 32nd candle this 2020.

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