The series of Naruto may have been over for years, but the work of Masashi Kishimoto It certainly remains one of the most cherished and honored in the history of Japanese entertainment. Success even seems to have reached TikTokwhere the ninja copiator recently went viral thanks to the video of the animator Sergio García.

In the clip created by @BrknSergio and visible at the end of the news, the leader of Team 7 literally comes to life by swapping his body for that of the American cosplayer d00mdcosplay. The video hit nearly 70,000 games on TikTok and over 180,000 on Instagram, a very impressive result.

Kakashi Hatake has always been one of the fan-favorite characters and the protagonist of some of the series' most incredible battles. Just last month, another user showed his appreciation by doing an amazing fan animation of the clash between Kakashi and Obito. published after 26 hours of work and visible on our pages.

And what do you think of the video? You like it? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! If you're a fan of Kishimoto's work, you can't really miss our ranking of the ten best ninja from the Naruto series, in which we obviously included the protagonist of this video.


KAKASHI ANIMATION! By @brknsergio & @ | cosplayer @wegenaer ## kakashi ## narutoedit ## naruto ## animation ## 2Danimation ## aftereffects ## brknsergio

♬ Original sound - Sergio García

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