Between more provocative women than Naruto We can certainly mention Tsunade Senju, the fifth Hokage who has since resigned and who has long held the reins of the Leaf Village. Tsunade, the grandson of the mighty Hashirama, was also busy on the battlefield, but her popularity is also due to her stratospheric physique.

Though Tsunade's body has been weakened according to some fans in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, woman's attractiveness continues to claim sacrifices. Indeed, although over 50 years old, Thanks to her rejuvenation techniques, she looks like a beautiful woman in her prime.

There have been various cosplayers who have tried wearing a Tsunade cosplay, some with more success and some less. Certainly it was Kaho Shibuya, a former pornstar known for her huge boobs who managed to slip into the role of the Hokage. But even in the world of models there are those who recently took on the role of the busty blonde.

Hana Bunny, already known on the internet and with over a million followers on Instagram, presented the photo that you can see below. Obviously not even to say that it is a Tsunade Cosplay in all its busty might. Costume, wig, and makeup details take a back seat as the explosive breasts in the foreground are undoubtedly the main draw.

It is possible that Hana Bunny will share more photos with her in the future Naruto character cosplaybut in the meantime we can enjoy the first fruits of his labor.

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A contribution by Hana Bunny (@ hana.bunny_bunny)

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