In the past few days, a very special exhibition for the My Hero Academia series has officially opened, and to mark the occasion, several mangaka and masters of the sector have decided to somehow honor the work of Kohei Horikoshi, including Masashi Kishimoto, the series creator Naruto and currently engaged in the sequel to Boruto.

The success of the story of Izuku Midoriya and his companions, aspiring heroes, has undoubtedly captured millions of readers around the world and, as he had done in the past, Kishimoto wanted to underscore Horikoshi's incredible talent with the words you find . below.

"Horikoshi's art is simple, but it has a few excellent drawing skillsalways highlighting it. His style is so detailed that it takes a long time to draw. I have a lot of respect for his art because it allows his characters to have a variety of expressions. In addition, he can also choose to draw both from a wide angle and from an extremely accentuated foregroundwhich makes it very versatile. To me, anyone who is good at drawing hands and eyes among manga artists is usually talented, but Horikoshi's abilities go even further, he's so good it almost makes me jealous! "

Deeply meaningful words that, along with those of other important mangaka, enhance the amazing work of Horikoshi that has actually become one of the modern landmarks of the Shonen category. Recall that an amazing group cosplay recently brought the Akatsuki back to life and we leave you to a fan tattoo dedicated to the Devil's Seal.

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