Yasuke Producer LeSean Thomas officially celebrated its world premiere on the Netflix platform yesterday and compared the new series from the MAPPA studio. He compared the structure of the work with that of the film The Legend of the Vampire Slayer with Abraham Lincoln.

The aspect that connects the two works after Thomas would indeed add cool elements both in the history of the ronin of Mozambican origin and in the history of the youth and growth of the sixteenth President of the United States of America. In fact, Thomas himself, together with the creatives of the MAPPA studio, decided to add something Enemies belonging to the sphere of the fantastic and anachronistic in relation to the Sengoku period like werewolves, robots, and supernatural creatures.

"We knew there were elements that went against history. When we learn something from someone, Hollywood conditioned us to learn. biographical material before diving into the fantastic. We had Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln before we had The Legend of the Vampire Hunter (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter) and We did the opposite. "

Another justification for these decisions is the fact that Yasuke's story is unknown to many people: β€œThere is so little information about Yasuke that we were able to turn him into an action character. This series serves as an introduction to a hero who then it can make the viewer learn more about the true historical figure. "

Remember, LeSean Thomas talked about his collaboration with MAP too, and we'll leave you to Yasuke's final, spectacular trailer.

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