In connection with the publication of the new volume of his latest work Asadora in Japan, the mangaka Naoki Urasawa has officially launched his new project, a YouTube channel devoted exclusively to the arts, simply called the "Urasawa Channel". He's also posting an initial presentation video, which you can find in the news above.

Starting from the promotion of fifth volume by AsadoraUrasawa, which was released last Thursday, then drew a brief sketch of the three representative characters of the station alongside the project's official logo and, in the meantime, also illustrated the main objectives of the station it will be on several interviews with other artists working in the industry, Demonstrations of the various drawing techniques for aspiring mangaka, as well as drawing sessions and live tutorials.

It is also possible to expect special knowledge about Asadora considering that i numerous aspects that characterize the story of Asa Asadafrom the post-war period until today. It is certainly a project that will surprise and impress many fans of Urasawa's works, who is still considered one of the most popular authors to date, largely thanks to his monster and 20th Century Boys.

Recall that Urasawa celebrated Chainsaw Man and also left some advice for fans, and we will leave his judgments on the drawings of the master of horror Junji Ito.

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