Volume 25 of the series Miles Morales: Spider-Man The official start of the new clone saga, expected a few months ago by Marvel Comics, in which Peter Parker, the friendly neighbor Spidey, who is ready to help young Miles against a new, terrible threat, will also play a fundamental role.

The tape begins with Miles, who decides to do so after a series of reports about the disappearance and kidnapping of scientists by a clone of his Looking for the wrong Spider-Man. Unfortunately, his hunt is interrupted by Peter Parker's entry into the scene, who takes the protagonist for the deceiver.

After clearing up the misunderstanding, the two return to the clone's trail and suddenly find themselves in front of another Spider-Man, the Surprisingly, it changes shape, almost as if it were made of clayand manages to gain a good advantage during combat and even escape. In the course of the tape, the existence of three clones is discovered: Selim, the most intelligent, the shape-changing Spider-Man and more of a cyborg, with several attachments that make him a giant spider. Although nothing is known about their origin, The three clones quickly proved to be more powerful than Miles and Peter.

We remind you that the black costume is back in the new Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads series, leaving the announcement of the new Sinister War series to be announced.

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