Right at that moment in the manga of ONE PIECE, Vegapunk is the number one target of world government. Never in recent times has anyone come so close to the truth of the Old Kingdom that the Five Stars of Wisdom want to keep it secret at all costs and have to get rid of their highest good at any price.

It all seemed done, but Stussy's betrayal left everyone speechless. And after the first text spoilers of ONE PIECE 1073, the full pictures of the chapter which give a better idea of ​​what happened. It all starts with the classic mini-adventure: young again, Vegapunk has created harmless tanks and is badly viewed by the Judge, Queen and Caesar. Meanwhile, Kaku passes out inside Egghead and Lucci attempts to attack Stussy. However, the woman used an illusion technique to avoid the attack. She then puts on agalmatolite lipstick and bites Lucci on the neck, weakening him and putting him to sleep.

Brook monitors the situation from the ship while everyone is still alarmed by the four Seraphim. Stussy can't do anything, so Edison and Lilith storm out of the lab to stop her. The android is attacked by S-Hawk and is unable to give the order, but the Mihawk clone is stopped by Zoro. Then S-Shark tries to stop Edison, but Sanji intervenes and saves him in time. Like this Edison has the four Seraphim blocked with one command, brings her back to her side. The scene changes as Luffy and Chopper search for Vegapunk and Bonney.

Marco has returned to Sphinx and is talking to the local children, who tell him about the marine attack. They picked on the kids, but Edward Weevil was there with Miss Buckin defending the island. However, Admiral Ryokugyu manages to kidnap him. Meanwhile, the woman, a former member of MADS, is angry and begs Marco to save her son and give him Whitebeard's inheritance. On the final page of ONE PIECE 1073, a member of Gorosei appears: Saint Jegarcia Saturn. they hit you Spoiler images of ONE PIECE 1073?

A piece of 1073 blanks

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