On Whole Cake Island, at Pudding's wedding, Big Mom invited some of them over most influential characters in the world of ONE PIECE. Readers - and later viewers of the anime - thus became acquainted with several characters from the world of the underworld, including the mysterious Stussy.

It's been a long time since that marriage and now, in the ONE PIECE manga, Stussy has revealed who he really is. In addition to being an important member of the underworld, he is also an agent of the CP0, but also a clone with a very special character and a story that will surely be explored later. However, what has garnered a lot of attention is a scene involving her in ONE PIECE 1072. Besides revealing her true identity, Stussy bit Kaku on the necksucks his blood and puts him to sleep.

And that's what Eiichiro Oda anticipated many years ago in ONE PIECE. How? During the Whole Cake Island saga, specifically during the wedding ceremony, Stussy offers the newcomers drinks. He had three choices: lava from Mount Mauri, a woman who stabbed a hundred men, and finally a giraffe that screeched strangely. there Stussy's decision was to drink the liquid from the giraffe, which appears orange in the color edition of ONE PIECE. A reminder of what he did recently.

In fact, Kaku has a devil fruit that turns him into a giraffe, and Stussy drank his blood. A connection that is not insignificant, but which nobody could have imagined. Then, in 2023, Oda revived a scene from 2017. Did you expect this?

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