Togashi opened the world of Hunter X Hunter It explains its composition but also reveals the existence of a dark continent. But the author has decided to put this area aside, even though it is the main focus of the whale's journey at the moment. Instead, the focus is on the Kakin Succession War.

The fourteen princes of Kakin must kill each other and only one of them will be able to rule. Hunter x Hunter has already removed some of them, such as Prince Salé Salé. But who was this character? The eighth prince of Kakin He is the son of Emperor Nasubi and his fifth wife Swinko Swinko. Unlike others, he has no blood brothers, only half brothers and half sisters. The man is quite fat and has a tuft of hair on his head. Always smiling and with a grin on his face, his attention is only focused on women, with whom he always sleeps at every opportunity.

Lust is king and it seems hers is too Nen's guardian beast can retain such powers. Salé Salé does not know of its existence nor how to control it, but it gave off fumes related to the prince's libido. Those affected within seven meters tend to be more favorable to the prince and can become the carrier of a mini version of the Nen Beast, causing it to spread. Salé Salé showed no other special abilities as he was assassinated by one of Benjamin's guards, Yushohi, almost immediately afterwards. Thus, his attempt to seize the throne ended immediately.

Will there be other princes to die in Hunter x Hunter 401?

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