Strategies are many, with Lucius Zogratis taking increasing steps towards a rebuilt world where he will be the sole ruler, or rather a deity. However, the villain obviously knows that the protagonists of Black clover they won't watch, and in fact, Asta trains and defeats his enemies even in an unfamiliar land.

And right here is the scene of a new battle. Asta's fears have been conquered, as has one of the enemies trying to invade the Land of the Sun, and now it's time to understand what will happen at the next appointment with Yuki Tabata's manga, which is on Sunday January 29th will be officially released MangaPlus but there are already news about it on the net.

Very little is known about this chapter at the moment. the Black Clover 349 spoilers will focus on one event in particular, the fight between Asta and Sister Lily, who of course is still marred by Lucius' magic that made her a Paladin. During the fight, Sister Lily will start crying and this is the only vignette provided by the leakers so far, which you can see below. Is this an indication that the woman is going back to normal after being brainwashed by the villain?

Other leakers have too confirms that Black Clover 349 will consist of only 15 pages, instead of the usual 17, while there will be two additional pages that talk about Fuegoleon and the power of Salamander, but in a way unrelated to the story now captured in the manga. Finally, that Title of this chapter will be "Asta vs Sister Lily".to underline even more what will be the linchpin of these 15 pages prepared by Yuki Tabata.

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