Aokiji is one of the most mysterious characters in ONE PIECE. First he was a marine, even admiral, then one of the most important members of the navy. After his fight with Akainu in Punk Hazard, something seems to have changed in him, at least on the surface. He certainly disagrees with the Grand Admiral, but is that all?

It seems that after fighting Punk Hazard and defeating Sakazuki, Aokiji decided to leave the Navy. Rumor has it that he has indeed allied himself with Blackbeard, one of the pirates who seems far from his idea of ​​justice. But is it really like that? According to one theory Kuzan could be part of SWORD.

The fight at Punk Hazard may have severely weakened Kuzan, who may have given up the Admiral role for precisely this reason. The pretense would be perfect to pretend to escape the Navy and plunge into the world of pirates like X-Drake did long ago, formed his crew and joined Kaido to spy on him. It wouldn't be strange then if Aokiji pretended to distance himself from his allies to penetrate deep between Blackbeard's crew and the criminal world watching everything from behind the scenes.

Furthermore, by joining SWORD he would have distanced himself from his rival while continuing to help the Navy. In this historic moment in ONE PIECE certainly the Aokiji's role is not well defined and it is not clear what the character has in mind. What do you think of the former admiral?

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