Dabi's uncontrollable thirst for revenge led the villain on a path of hatred and destruction that culminated in the final chapters of My Hero Academy where he realized his wish to destroy the Todoroki family by attacking Shoto and starting a fight that fans have long been waiting for.

The memory of the Flashfire Fistthe extraordinary and devastating technique of Endeavour, opens the short chapter 351 of My Hero Academia, available on Manga Plus. The pro hero's journey to making the most of this technique led to the firstborn Toya's transformation into the villain known as Dabi, now ready for it faces his younger brother Shoto directly.

Moved by envy, hatred, and anger, Daby unleashes the Hell Spider, destroying anything nearby and severely injuring enemies who desperately try to contain the damage. The attack turns out to be a diversionary maneuver surprises Shoto from behindwho is brutally beaten by his brother, who calls him inept, a simple puppet who doesn't need to fight to live a normal life.

However, Shoto manages to quell the heat emanating from Dabi's jet burn, and when he thinks back to a conversation he had with his father about the possibility of stopping him and the other villains, he unleashes the heat Flashfire Fist: Phosphorusa technique specifically designed to counteract Toya.

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