Star Wars: The New Novels in the Saga are published by Panini Comics

As we get more details about Star Wars: The High Republic, here's an announcement that we're sure to keep the numerous Star Wars fans happy. The next works dedicated to the saga of George Lucas will be published by Panini Comics.

The news was given during the Marvel conference by Lucca changeswhen it became known that the editorial rights related to Star Wars had been transferred to Panini Comics. Among the first series we find on the shelves of our libraries and comic book stores will surely be The High Republic, a comic miniseries associated with Project Luminous and set 200 years before the events of the movie's first film Star Wars sagaand shows us such an order of Jedi Knights at the height of their power. We're also sure that other books and comics devoted to the George Lucas universe and focusing on characters featured in the various film trilogies will also be available.

In the coming months we will find out what the Panini Comics projects will look like and when future Star Wars novels will be released. In the meantime, here are the four protagonists of Star Wars: The High Republic. If you are looking for other rumors about comics, the designs revealed were the Opponents of the High Republic, a work published in America a January 2021.

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