While we wait for the new chapter of Black Clover, the latest happenings in the manga of Yuki Tabata highlighted the great influence that Yami had on Asta, the protagonist of the work facing a deadly challenge.

As you know, Asta has to face this and defeat it Dark triad of the kingdom of swordsTo do so, Nacht decides that it is time for Asta to defeat love in order to gain its powers. The clash proves to be more difficult than expected for the warrior, who is forced to face the demon's magical abilities, including the ability to use them Anti-magic swords in his library. At this point, Asta decides to use Yami's katana to deliver the final blow to his opponent. The numerous clashes with Yami therefore turn out to be fundamental to Asta, who will use the same techniques that the captain developed to get love into trouble. Night will also notice the similarity between the two.

Meanwhile, the anime's director has been talking about the next Black Clover story arc, a story that has never appeared on the pages of the manga and that shows us the next challenges Asta will face during his time long training.

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