Ash Ketchum's determination and talent as a coach has taken him one step away from the master class of the important World Coronation Series competition, where he will soon face a particularly difficult opponent, foreshadowed by the spectacular sequences featured in Episode 108 of Pokémon Exploration.

Following theimportant win against Lilia of the Super Four the Kalos region and the short bracket dedicated to the return of actress Serena, one of the most popular characters in the community, the anime again mainly focuses on Ash's path in the tournament. Separating him from his dream and from the challenge against the champion Dandel remains eight master class coachesincluding Laburno, who he will have to face in the next episode as seen in the preview below.

The quick sequences shown revealed some of the Pokemon we'll see on the battlefield, such as Duraludon, Flygon, Dragonite, and of course, Ash's Lucario. It's certainly one of the most complex fights in the career of Biancavilla's young coach, who seems to have yet to come a bright and victorious future, according to director Jun Owada. Let us know what you expect from the fight in the comments section.

To finish, we leave you a nice cosplay of Misty and the video that celebrates 25 years of Pokémon anime.

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