The Grimoires of the World Black clover They are all special and allow different wizards to own a specific spell. This element will remain in their possession forever and as they level up new techniques can be unlocked. That means there are also unique and bizarre spells, and many of them are Knights of the Black Bull.

Vanessa Enoteca belongs to this ruthless band of magic knights led by Yami Sukehiro. The woman is actually a witch who later joined the Magic Knights after escaping her homeland, although she had to return there in one defining moment for the Black Clover saga.

Mayweda Cosplayer is a big fan of Black Clover. It is not for nothing that he has offered his audience a cosplay of Noelle in elegant clothes in the past. But now she has decided to focus on the other Black Bull witch and show herself to everyone with this one Cosplay of Vanessa Enoteca with a glass of wine in hand.

With a very revealing red dress that accentuates her figure, the cosplayer perfectly portrayed the role of the witch, not forgetting her group's black cape and pointed hat. Do you like this interpretation of the witch of threads who can manipulate luck?

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