Mikazuki March Manga Reveals Promo Video For Volume Two

On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Hamachi Yamada, Mikazuki MarchA promotional video was published for the start of the second compilation volume. The video shows the voice actress taking part Nao touyama.

Yamada began publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly manga promotion from the publisher Futabasha in February of this year. The publisher released the first compiled volume on July 28th and the second on October 28th in Japan. Since this is Yamada's first work to be officially published through a publisher, a publication history cannot be created to serve as a reference for this author's work.

Synopsis of the Mikazuki March

Mizuki is a high school freshman who is bored with her daily life and her obligation to constantly immerse herself in college. That's why he runs away from home during the spring break to visit his aunt Yuki, who has a café in Akita. One day she goes with her aunt to make a delivery to the local high school in the area. So begins a story about a girl who was captivated forever with just eight minutes of music and movements of a brass band.

Source: Comic Natalie

© 山田 は ま 著 (著) / FUTABASHA 双 葉 社


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