Dragon Ball Super: Why didn’t Goku suffer from Ultra Instinct, story hole?

In reality Dragon Ball Super He's not new to drawing holes. With the introduction of Ultra Instinct, the first inconsistencies appeared in the description of the technology, both by Toyotaro and later by Merus. However, why didn't he suffer the same effects as Molo during the fight with Jiren Goku?

During the events of Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, the protagonist was able to put the wizard back in a difficult situation, although thanks to a ruse he had managed to achieve the Ultra Instinct. The game of the Ultra Perfect Instinct it forced Molo to make a drastic choice: to merge with Earth in order to survive.

In fact, it is Goku himself who explains what happens to the bulges in the villain's body. The Saiyan could learn to use the divine technique only after you've trained your body to deal with it. However, during the fight against Jiren Goku certainly did not do any particular training and his complete inexperience in this area should have cost him a lot for his body, which instead did not happen. An explanation could of course be dictated by the fact that, unlike the protagonist, Molo never trained in his life, but it is also true that our hero seems particularly convinced of his statements, which seem to leave no room for doubt.

However, do you think this is a plot hole or is it justified by Goku's long training sessions throughout the Dragon Ball story? As usual, let us know your opinion in the reserved area below.

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