Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Original Anime Reveals New Cast

On the official page for the Original Anime Studios A-1 pictures and as a writer Tappei Nagatsuki, Senyoku no Sigrdrifanew cast members were revealed, including:

Marina Inoue like Yayoi Amatsuka with the F7F.

Canon Takao like Kurumi Suzuhara with the P-51D.

Mayu Sagara like Moe Isurugi with the P-51D.

The series premiered on October 3rd in Japan with a one-hour special and has a total of twelve episodes. In addition, the writer Tappei Nagatsuki (Author of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) wrote a prequel novel entitled Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Sakura Jouwhich he released in Japan on October 1st.


  • Hibiku Yamamura as Claudia Bruford.
  • Nene Hieda as Miyako Muguruma.
  • Mao Ichimichi like Azuzu Komagome.
  • Sayaka Kikuchi as Sonoka Watarai.

Production team

  • Hirotaka Tokuda ((Sword Art Online: Alicization) is responsible for directing the anime in the studios A-1 pictures.
  • Takumi Yokota ((Mitsuboshi colors) adapts the original designs of Takuya Fujima for animation.
  • Shigeo komori ((High school fleet) Y. Hajime Hyakkoku ((Saekano, New game!) are responsible for composing the soundtrack.
  • Tappei Nagatsuki (Author of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.

Synopsis of Senyoku no Sigrdrifa

In this story the pillars suddenly appeared on earth and threatened all life forms. A god who identified himself as Odin seemed to be helping mankind on the verge of defeat. To face the pillars, Odin declared a counterattack by granting humanity the power of the fighting girls "Valkyries".

A few years later the struggle between humanity and the pillars continues. Men support the Valkyries on their way through heaven to save the world. Japan is no exception: three Valkyries stand in front of a pillar above Mount Fuji. Every Valkyrie is very skilled, but it also has its problems. And now a pilot has arrived from Europe.

Source: Comic Natalie

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