Via his official Twitter account, the author Yousuke Kaneda published a special illustration reminding that all compiled volumes of the manga were reprinted Kishuku Gakkou no Julia ((Boarding school Julia). The author did not give the number of copies that were in circulation.

ยซThanks for your support. All volumes of Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet were reprinted this year. Thank you for everything, the ponytail flies with the wind! And one more thing: it looks like there will be new products from the franchise. So wait for her! I'm really looking forward to her too!"Wrote the author.

Kaneda started publishing the manga in the magazine Bessatsu Shonen magazine from the publisher Kodansha in 2015 and then postponed publication to the journal Weekly Shonen Magazine The work ended in September 2019 and the publisher put the manga together into a total of 16 volumes.

The manga inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. EYE FILMS Headed by Seiki Takuno and scripts written by Takao YoshiokaUntil October 2018. So far there is no evidence of the production of a second season.

Synopsis of Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

We are preparing our stage in the Dahlia Academy, where two countries come together with equal dignity. The "Black Doggies" of the eastern nation of Touwa and the "White Cats" of the Principality of West have a long-standing feud. Romio Inuzuka and Julia Persia, leaders of their respective dormitories, seem bitter enemies.

In reality, however, Romio and Julia are hopelessly in love, but the revelation of their relationship would arouse the anger of all of their comrades. They hide their love to keep the peace, but a secret relationship means that many of the activities couples can do are lost. As they get closer, Romio and Julia have to come to terms with the fact that keeping their relationship a secret may prove impossible.

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