Started a little over two years ago in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the series Jujutsu Kaisen, created by Gege Akutami, immediately caught the attention of the readers, and with the animated implementation by the MAPPA studio, the story of Yuji Itadori and his companions is getting more and more resonance with the fans.

Many of them have actually taken on the roles of characters considered more charismatic or interesting, such as the mighty Satoru Gojo, Yuji himself, and more recently the cosplayer known on social media as @ sanet.cosplay plays Maki Zenin, a sophomore at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Artsand one of the protagonists alongside Yuta Okkotsu in the series' prequel.

One of the aspects that certainly contributed to the growth of the success of Akutami's work is the series of original characters that were presented during the adventure, and Maki is one of those characters marked by a rather sad past. Born with no cursed energyHis respected family has always shown a disrespectful attitude towards him and his twin sister Mai, and they have done so anyway However, Maki decided to study to become a great magician.

The user Sanet has therefore decided to pay homage to her with the great cosplay that you can see in the post given below, in which the passion succeeded Recreate the original maki design perfectly, complete with its signature red spear.

We also remind you that reproductions of Gojo and Nanami's glasses are available, leaving it up to you to compare sales of the Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

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A contribution from Sanet @ (@ sanet.cosplay)

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