After Weekly Shonen Jump's free week, all of the magazine's big shows are back and chapter 292 of Black clover, recently published on the Manga Plus official website, showed the results of the tough training that one of the most popular members of the Toro Nero team received from the community, namely Magna Swing.

The final chapter ended with a twist that made Magna the great protagonist of the clash with Dante of the Dark Triad, who previously faced Jack the Ripper and was saved by the arrival of Swing and Zora. The new technology Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Matchhas rebalanced the battlefield and divided the sum of their respective magical powers evenly between Magna and Dante.

After a Powerful right hook from the boyTabata, who concluded chapter 291, leads us for a moment to the six months of hard training and learning that Magna himself carried out, who only after the teachings of Zora managed to reach his current level and develop a unique technique. By title "Knowledge"Chapter 292 marked an important change in the status quo of Magna Swing that unflinchingly unleashed against Dante Zora shows full confidence in her abilities.

Keep in mind that Noelle has an adorable cosplay, and we'll leave you a discussion on why Asta doesn't have magical powers.

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