Big Mom's reaction in one of the Onigashima corridors has undoubtedly wreaked havoc. The Empress has made a gesture from which she can hardly return, to bring her allies into crisis, but to help her enemies unexpectedly. IS ONE PIECE 1012 added another piece to this subplot.

Big Mom's attack actually sparked the anger of Ulti, who, using the power of his Devil Fruit, launched a lightning attack on Komachiyo and then hit Tamaand made her faint. This last gesture unleashed the wrath of the Empress, but especially of Nami. At the end of ONE PIECE 1012, we see the pirate extremely determined and ready to fight her opponent despite the presence of Big Mom.

A PIECE 1013 could start from this pointand cemented Nami's entry into the fight. The pirate has so far remained on the sidelines and has limited herself to fleeing with Usopp, which is why she has not really started her challenge despite the initial intentions. Will the map change lead in this direction? It will also be interesting to know the conditions of Page One, which, weakened, could definitely face Usopp.

The problem, however, remains Big Mom. The Empress is hardly moved by the Mugiwara gesture: rather Kid, Law and Zeus and that all hell breaks loose in the area. Another room is then dedicated to Sanji and the Red Foders, some of whom achieve the goals set. A PIECE 1013 will thus be another chapter halfway between decisive and temporary.

ONE PIECE 1013 will be available on MangaPlus on Sunday May 16 at 6:00 p.m. in English and Spanish.

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