Although many believe the opposite, the fratricidal fight between Ken and Raoul doesn't end Ken the Warrior. L'Shonen Opera by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson it then continues years after that duel, with the protagonist continuing his journey through the wastelands of earth.

A few years after the clash between Kenshiro and Raoul, a new tyrant has succeeded the king of Hokuto. Fighting against the oppression of Emperor and Viceroy Jako is the Army of Hokuto, an organization led by Bart and Lynn who are now grown compared to how we left them. Kenshiro is believed to be dead by now, at least until a wounded and weary man arrives at a village. L'Heir to the Sacred School of Hokuto Still alive, he has finally returned to save the world from darkness once more. Before continuing his journey, let's go back to the beginning with the summary of the first part of Ken the Warrior.

As news of Ken's return spreads, a bounty is placed on his head. Trying to collect it is Ain, who, however, will prove to be an ally of theArmy of Hokuto. At this point, Jako calls the generals of the Imperial School of Gento and orders them to kill him and everyone related to Hokuto. The first to resist is Soria of the Crimson Light, who is defeated after attacking the village of Mamiya.

Then it's time for the Hokuto army to face off Hawk of the Golden Light, who stops just before killing Lynn to escape from the battlefield. When Kenshiro breaks into the Imperial capital, the clash between the two rocks the earth and darkens the sky. But first, Falco talks about the fate of his school, about meeting Raoul and the fact that Jako is keeping the real Emperor, the Emperor, prisoner Lynn's twin sister which was hidden from the day of his birth.

Meanwhile that the Fight between Ken and Falco Enraged, Jako decides to set off bombs all over the capital. Lynn and her twin sister Luise are miraculously saved by Ain, who dies for them while Ken rushes to save Falco, who is weary from the fight. Left alone, Jako is killed, but Tige kidnaps Lynn to cross the sea and Reach the land of demons.

there fifth part of Ken the Warrior corresponds to the manga chapters from 137 to 210 and the anime season 2 episodes from 110 to 152.

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