After the death of the master Kentaro MiuraKouji Mori and the artists of the Gaga studio have resumed the release of Berserk, now in chapter 370. The work will therefore see the end sooner or later, as Miura had told his closest collaborators.

There are few comics that readers have marked as berserk: The events of Gatsu in a world where there is no hope dig deep into the human soul and leave an indelible mark. Therefore, in anticipation of the next chapters, we are here to advise you what to read if you want berserk.

Assuming that there are no works that reflect the same sensations, the one that comes closest to Berserk is undoubtedly Claymore. The Dark Fantasy Manga by Nohiriro Yagi was completed in 2014 and is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe. The protagonist Claire She is one of the Claymore, half-human warriors tasked with defeating the Yoma, monsters that feed on humans. In Claymore you will find a universe with extremely dark tones, and even the subjects covered are very close to those of Berserk. Star Comics has just started re-issuing Claymore and the first volume is already available.

Another work that we recommend to berserker lovers is rover out Takehiko Inoue. Despite being a still incomplete manga consisting of 37 volumes, it is a very enjoyable read with very high peaks. Vagabond is loosely based on samurai life Musashi Miyamoto, really existed and were considered by the scriptures to be the finest samurai in history. In the seventeenth century, determined to become a "man of incomparable strength," he embarks on a journey that will lead him to clash with Japan's finest samurai. The reflections on Miyamoto's life and what it means to fight will accompany him throughout the work, transforming his way of life and relationships with others. Illustrations by Takehiko Inoue They are also eye candy that can accompany the narrative in a sublime way.

If you want to know more about the author of Berserk Kentaro Miura, we recommend that you contact him gigantomachy and Japan. The first work dates from 2014 and is a single volume that tells the story of Delos and Prome, respectively former gladiator and girl with powers, who must find their way in the middle of a world a hundred million years in the future and a terrible war. Japan is instead a manga made in collaboration with Buronsonfather of ken the warrior, and tells the story of a group of Japanese people thrown in 2002 several years into the future compared to the work's present. Gigantomachia and Japan were recently re-released Planet Manga.

We encourage you to read these works while waiting for Berserk 371, which already has a release date. And you, Which opera would you recommend to berserker lovers?

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