The second part of Ken the Warrior began with the Gento School saga in which Bart and Lynn, now grown up, created the army of Hokuto to try and resist the evil Emperor. years after his disappearance to protect his friends, Kenshiro returns out of nowhere.

The aforementioned story arc ended with Tige kidnapping Lynn. To save the girl Ken goes straight to the land of demons, where, on arrival, he finds Falco dying. Meanwhile, Lynn is kidnapped by demons and taken into custody by Orca, son of the pirate Red Orca Hokuto Ryuken school, born parallel to that of Hokuto. When confronted by the island's third strongest demon, he is forced to hand Lynn over to the enemy. However, he is aware that Ken will come to his rescue.

After a fierce fight, Ken manages to defeat the demon Han. However, he receives a threatening warning from the dying enemy: he will never be able to defeat them second demon, Hyo. Ken still decides to stay on the Isle of Demons, but orders Lynn to go home alongside Orca.

Before Hyo can fight Ken, he is accompanied by Hokuto Ryuken's master Jukei, who tells him that he's actually Ken's real brother and that he himself erased his memory. Meanwhile, Orca is approached by Kaio, the first demon to kidnap Lynn.

Jukei can't get the memory back in his student mentally manipulated by Kaio, and is killed. Meanwhile, upon arriving at Kaio's castle, Kenshiro is crushed to death by the imposing opponent. The sudden appearance of the pirate Orca the Red allows Ken to escape, accompanied by Orca.

After learning the truth, he kills his sister to prevent Ken from forming an alliance with Hyo. Convinced that Ken was the one who killed her, Hyo goes in search of her. When the two meet, even Ken knows the truth. However, the clash is inevitable. As the battle between the two rages on, Kaio reveals to Lynn that he is Raoul and Toki's older brother.

The clash between Ken and Hyo ends with the intervention of Orca, who attacks and kills the second demon from behind. Before his death, Hyo regains his memory, reveals how to find Kaio's weak spot, and dies in his brother's arms. Orca's sacrifice allows Ken Learn the secret shot to defeat Kaio.

The final confrontation between Ken and Kaio is one-sided, with the heir of the Hokuto school being significantly stronger than the representative of Hokuto Ryuken. Defeat the opponent who chooses to be swept away by a volcano's lava, leaving Ken Lynn safe in Bart's arms he goes away in the saddle of the Black King in memory of all the adversaries he met on his journey.

there sixth part of Ken the Warrior is told in the manga's chapters from 161 to 210 and the anime adaptation's episodes from 123 to 152. If you missed this journey, here is the synopsis of the first part of Ken the Warrior.

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