The return of bleaching First with a special chapter that launched a new narrative arc, and now with the Pierrot anime dedicated to the Thousand Years' War, he reignited interest in Kubo's work. To commemorate the incredible exploits of protagonist Ichigo, DKKS Studio has announced the arrival of a new collectible figure.

L'Invasion of Soul Society by the Quincys Led by Yhwach, the Shinigami cause many difficulties and await to find out how the series of battles waged by the protagonists against these new, dangerous opponents will develop. Ichigo and his Bankai were immortalized in the magnificent statue that you can see in the images at the bottom of the page.

Built on a circular base where the hollow mask The figure carried by the protagonist is 40 centimeters high and shows Ichigo preparing to strike with his Zanpakuto's Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu. The figure appears very detailed, particularly as far as the details of Ichigo's design and features such as the skulls that are present on the base are concerned. For prospective buyers, the statue will be on the market in the third quarter of 2023, but can already be pre-ordered at Price of 295 euros.

Finally we leave you with a fantastic figurine dedicated to the elegant Ulquiorra Cifer.

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