Not many days ago, now prestigious MAP study had officially announced that he is working with My Absurd Skill on the anime adaptation of Campfire Cooking in Another World and here is their promotional video added to the news related to the franchise penned by Rei Euguchi .

The new official presentation for the TV anime adaptation of the light novel series Cooking at the campfire in another world with my absurd ability unveiled the first promotional video of comedy Isekai and can be seen in the video that opens the news.

In the final tracks of the promo, the cast list will be updated with the name of Maya Uchida (Devil angel on chainsaw man), who will play the goddess of wind Ninrir, who as a classic style of manga school (Beerus da dragon ballRyuk out death notice), we already know that we are a glutton. In fact, the goddess is the first to come into contact with Mukouda after arriving in the new world and cannot resist her own new addiction: earthly sweets, specifically one that you can learn more about by reading our special on history read by Dorayaki.

In the trailer we also see clips from rock: a Fenrir beast (from Norse mythology) with wolf features who was attracted to Mukouda upon smelling the odors of his succulent cooking.

With MAPPA producing Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, the excitement among anime fans is palpable. Along with the trailer, it was expected that the exact debut date would be announced, but what we know is exactly that The series will be released in January 2023.

What impressions did you take away from the trailer? Let us know with a comment!

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