It's only been a few days Shonen jump announced the new manga spin-off linked to the world of the blonde ninja. Naruto: The New Generation of the Leaf at the Spa is on Manga Plus and Viz Media. Also in the cast of the work is one of the most intelligent characters in the franchise.

We are obviously referring to Shikamaru Nara! The ninja with the closest braid in the manga is certainly not the strongest in the ranks of Konoha, but his strategist tendencies make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield: Shikamaru's wit has proven crucial in many over-matches the years

in the Naruto: The new generation of the leaf in the baths, the rescue of Mirai Sarutobi was exciting: Asuma's little daughter was looking for a missing kitten when she unfortunately ran into one of the most dangerous killers. Shikamaru-sensei will therefore be there with reinforcements to rescue her.

to one I looked very scared and unsteadyhere are the words of Shikamaru: "no novice could face an opponent of this caliber alone. You allowed us enough time to surround him. I think you should be prouder of yourself. When a ninja wonders if they're sufficiently qualified, that means they really are, just like you. And now that you're aware of that, consider this moment the beginning of your real journey. I know for sure that you can be a great ninja".

With these honorable words, Shikamaru proved to be an excellent teacher for the new generation. Many fans will surely have had a fit of nostalgia at finding him so grown up, and that's not at all surprising considering we're celebrating Naruto's 23rd birthday this year.

Have you followed Naruto from the beginning? Who do you think is the best sensei in Konoha? Let us know in the comments!

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