Jujutsu Kaisen has finally managed to achieve the feat that several mangas have attempted over the past year to top Demon Slayer's sales and take first place on the monthly charts. In February for the first time last year Demon Slayer was officially beaten from the manga by Gege Akutami.

In 2021, however, the Koyoharu Gotouge series continues to reward The company has sold a total of around 20 million volumes in the past two months, while Jujutsu Kaisen had to be satisfied with around 12 million copies placed. However, Demon Slayer sold about 17 million in January alone, a period during which the reissue of Volume 23 was made available, and then saw a physiological decline this month.

Although the Gotouge manga continues to have problems with reprinting, with copies sold well in excess of the printed ones, Jujutsu Kaisen was still able to sell about three times as much as Shonen Jump's rival in each of the four weeks of February with an average of 1.5 million copies to 500,000. Shueisha has announced that the series is counting well right now 36 million copies in circulation.

The boost in sales is undoubtedly due to the MAPPA anime, which thanks to the excellent customization, convinced many fans to try the manga. At this speed, the series shouldn't have a problem More than 50 million copies will be in circulation by next summer. An absolutely extraordinary achievement that underlines once again how much a good fit can make a difference.

And what do you think about it Do you also buy Jujutsu Kaisen? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that the manga could receive another major award next month when the winners of the Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize are announced.

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