While the protagonists of Digimon Adventure 2020 Cross the Eternal Continent, an expected monster seems to appear soon in the next episode. Let's see the preview together.

The anime presents a largely original story to its numerous fans. As in the 1999 series however, me DigipresceltiThe original seven were now complete after the eighth member was revealed in Digimon Adventure 2020 HikariTai's sister. Along with her, her partner is Digimon, who turns out to be one of the two sacred Digimon, and it looks like she will soon reach a long-awaited form.

Previously, we had assumed the return of Angewomon in Digimon Adventure 2020, but it appears that the episode 35 preview confirms the event. The video that can be seen on the cover of the news shows the protagonists meanwhile They continue their journey into the depths of the sea Follow the instructions from MarinAngemon. But after Tai and Hikari escape a wild Ebidramon, they are attacked by an unknown enemy and Gatomon seems to sink into darkness. Finally comes the announcement of the title that leaves no doubt that it is "The glow of." Angewomon"and is a clear indication of the impending development of the girl's partner, whom fans have long been waiting for.

What do you think? Are you waiting for Angewomon too? Let us know in the comments.

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