Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece is so popular that Sensei even has its very own magazine, the ONE PIECE Magazine. Not only will the next issue of the magazine reveal juicy new information about the work, but it will also be dedicated to some of the franchise's most popular characters, including Boa Hancock.

The Amazon Empress Lily is a character that is highly valued by ONE PIECE fans, to the point that fans devote their occasional fascinating cosplay to her. But when you talk about the snake princess, do you know how old Boa Hancock is right now?

ONE PIECE Magazine is very important to get to know the curiosities of the franchise at 360 °, as in the design of the devil fruits of the main characters of the masterpiece of Oda Sensei some background information is revealed that the author just mentioned during the main storyline. In this case, the 12th issue of the magazine, which is expected to appear in spring 2021, will particularly focus on the following Luffy and to his two brothers, Ace and Sabo. In addition, the magazine is also the Chapter 5 of the novel ONE PIECE: Heroines that will be entirely dedicated an adventure by Boa Hancock.

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