Studio Ufotable already showed the last part of in Japanese cinemas last August Fate / Stay Night: The Feeling of Heaven, a trilogy of films that adapted the latest route of the same name from Kinoko Nasu's famous visual novel. For the upcoming release of the home video, ufotable impressed us with a new advertising trailer.

The studio is hugely popular all over the world, thanks largely to a distinctive style that has certainly made Demon Slayer a global phenomenon as well. What definitely stands out among the company's flagship titles is the Fate / Stay Night saga, of which ufotable took care of adapting the route Unlimited Blade Works, centered on Rin, e The feeling of heavenThe latter with Sakura as the protagonist.

The debut of the third and final part of Heaven's Feel entitled "Spring song", was characterized by an excellent result at the box office, thanks in part to heart-pounding animation. At the end of the news you can watch the latest trailer on the subject, released by the company, showing the muscles of a production full of particle effects and exciting battles. We do not know whether ufotable will continue to adapt, among other things, very complex ones Destiny / HollowA ataraxiaHowever, we encourage you to keep following us so as not to miss any news.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the rights to the third and final Heaven's Feel film were also acquired by Dynit which, however, did not announce whether the film would be released in theaters or not.

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