Written and illustrated by on the official page of the manga Yuji Kaku, JigokurakuA promotional video was released for the release of the eleventh compilation volume, held in Japan on September 4th. The statement also reported that the work has entered its final arc.

Kaku started posting the manga on the website Shonen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha in January 2018. The publisher published the tenth compilation volume on June 4th. The work recently reached a total circulation of 2.5 million copies.

Synopsis of Jigokuraku

Gabimaru the Hollow, a ninja from Iwagakure village known for his cold demeanor, is now on death row. Tired of death and betrayal, he tries to die. However, no method of execution seems to work for him as Gabimaru, although he does not admit it, still has a reason to be alive. He wants to go home and see his wife, the reason for his happiness and why his job as a murderer began to get in the way of him. That's why he refuses to die.

Asaemon, the enforcer, a famous murderer of criminals, notices this and makes a proposal to the ninja. He wants Gabimaru to take part in an expedition to an island in southern Japan in search of the elixir of life, and in return he will forgive him for all his crimes. However, this island is not a normal place: it is believed to be a paradise.

Source: official page

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