Deku's reaction after Tomura Shigaraki's latest attacks was not long in coming: the young hero returned to the field with more anger than before. These are really exciting chapters for fans of My hero academia.

The protagonist has been facing Shigaraki for a while, but the attack on Gran Torino and the damage done to Aizawa seem to have completely lost his head to the protagonist, who is now full of anger. That anger doesn't stop in My Hero Academia 283, which was evident in the early spoilers.

The chapter title is "75". The My Hero Academia chapter starts with Yaoyorozu and the others who must surrender to the overwhelming power of the GigantomachiaThe monster runs at full speed and destroys city by city. The villain association is safe on his shoulders while Dabi stands and smiles.

We then return to observe the battlefield where Shigaraki is located. Todoroki apologizes for the delay and warns his father to reduce the overheating of his body. Bakugo is shocked on the ground and sees Deku storms towards Shigaraki. The boy is furious and screams for what is happening and doesn't stop even after Rock Lock's warning. As Shigaraki prepares to respond to the attack, his body begins to fall apart. The boy is appalled by what happened but immediately recovers by reattaching his arm.

This may be because the experiment is only 75% successful. Meanwhile, Mirko can be seen alive but transported by someone who pronounces "75". Then he returns to the Shigaraki scene. The protagonist of My Hero Academia prepares for the attack, but looks back on all failed experiments with the One for All. Knowing that he will not be able to use it to its fullest extent, he is still preparing to attack while Shigaraki hits the ground. with its dilapidated nature.

Deku, however, awakens Nana Shimura's floating power and keeps all other companions in the air with the black whip. Gran Torino is still alive and sees Deku flying. He remembers all his moments when he was floating in the air with Nana. At the end of My Hero Academia, Deku prepares to attack Shigaraki by announcing that he will do everything possible to stop him.

My Hero Academia 284 will unfortunately not arrive next week then the manga will pause. The date has therefore been postponed by two weeks.

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