Makoto Ojiro is not a beginner mangaka. He has published in Shogakukan magazines for several years and made himself known as Neko no Otera no Chion-san and Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki. But in recent years he has had good success with his latest work, Sleepless after school, originally Kimi wa Houkago insomnia.

Appears weekly in Big Comic Spirits magazine, which features a big title like Naoki Urasawas Asadora. Insomniacs After School has increased from volume to volumewhich caused the publisher to focus on him. On the occasion of the release of the seventh Tankobon in Japan, Big Comics decided to make a promotional trailer for Insomniacs After School, which is, however, very different from the classic video.

Usually made up of clips from the manga, this time the video from Insomniacs After School seems like an anime through and through. Original music, animations and colors: everything looks like a starter for a future project. And it is no coincidence that an important message appears at the end of the video: Insomniacs After School will receive an important announcement in January 2022, coinciding with the release of Volume 8. There is a chance the series will end, but the video seems to leave room for a real anime.

Insomniacs After School tells the story of Ganta Nakami, an insomnia student who seeks refuge in the abandoned school observatory, where he will meet another student, Maybe Isaki, who also suffers from insomnia. The two will empower each other and enjoy night hikes, discover astrophotography, and discover ways to combat insomnia.

The magazine this manga is published in is full of big names, including Uzumaki, which is set to become an anime that is much anticipated by the public.

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