The often underrated Nine Giants of Attack on Titan are the Giant Chariot. A four-legged creature that was at the center of the anime's final episodes and recently made a name for itself in the manga. But what is this creature from The Attack of the Giants really? Let's see its history, owners and the features that make it special.

The Giant car (Iki ๅŠ› ใฎ ๅทจไบบ Shariki no Kyojin) was originally called a four-legged friend and is a small creature compared to other giants, but still stands four meters high at the withers. Always seen on all fours, its features are similar to those of an animal and there were often versions that were similar to those of a horse. He can carry large barrels on his shoulders, but also weapons such as machine guns and entire war apparatus. Its carrier is too with excellent durability and is able to exploit the power of the giant several times over and over again in contrast to the others.

Currently the The carrier is Pieck Finger. The girl gained power along with Reiner, Bertholt, Annie and Marcel and is therefore destined to die within a few years after The Attack of the Giants ended. Despite everything, the giant chariot remains the weakest of the nine special creatures in the manga.

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