Hakai is a technique widely used by the gods of destruction and featured in Dragon Ball Super. The ability of these divine creatures is to completely remove matter from existence and receive a great shock wave at the moment of decay. A completely different technique than the Ultra Instinct that Goku is learning.

But after Beerus and his training, the Saiyan prince concentrated on learning Hakai. in the Dragon Ball Super 70 continues the training on the planet of the God of Destruction and shows Vegeta himself how he tries to put the teachings into practice in order to apply this unique technique.

First Vegeta can only dissolve the stone in his hands with kiand so receives an extremely simple attack. However, as Beerus explains, the nature of Hakai is very different and allows the target substance to be completely erased from existence. If Vegeta learns, he will go a very different way than Goku.

After a few cartoons in front of the oracle fish, Vegeta manages to destroy a pebble with the Hakaibrag. At the end of the chapter, when the Heeter family decides to unleash the Saiyans against Granolah, Vegeta tries to practice with a much larger stone. The power that Vegeta is preparing to learn how it can be used against living things and what effects it will have on Granolah?

In fact, the Hakai allows the Gods of Destruction to destroy even the most powerful life forms like the Kaioshin in a matter of moments. Surely Vegeta's control over this technique will take a long time, but once he has mastered it successfully Character becomes devastating and practically unrivaled.

Is it possible that Vegeta cannot learn the move properly, or at least not enough to finish Dragon Ball Super battles quickly?

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