Paru ItagakiThe young Beastars writer recently confirmed that she was working on a new manga called Bota Bota. The work puts anthropomorphic animals aside and tells the story of a "certain" girl, Mako Hikari, and begins serialization on the pages of Weekly Manga Goraku on January 8, 2021.

Recently, The magazine's official website showed some color images, taken directly from the first chapter. Below are the illustrations and the next cover of the weekly, which, as you can see, is dedicated to the author's new manga.

At the moment not many details about the work have become known, but we do know that the protagonist is a woman who is apparently normal, has a frail constitution and constantly loses nosebleeds. According to the first rumors The girl's purpose would be to find love, a goal that his personality and physical problems do not make easy.

We are waiting for the new manga to be released and we remind you that the Anime Beastars will soon have a second season that will air in January and January comes to Netflix Italy next July. The final volume of Beastars will also be released on January 8th, containing chapters from 188 to 196.

And what do you think? Are you going to follow Bota Bota? As always, please let us know a comment in the box below.

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