For the first time in twenty-three years and eight months of waiting Ash Ketchum talked about his father, in a scene from the latest Pokémon movie: Coco. In the past few months, several websites have speculated about the possible appearance of the character and, while it didn't, The protagonist mentioned it for the first time during a conversation.

Ash's father was never featured in the cartoon. still named by Ash and his mother Delia for over 1100 episodes. Until now, the series had merely suggested that the father was a coach who left Pallet Town when Ash was little for reasons unknown. Since he's never signed up on the Pokémon Trainer list, his name and location are still unknown.

In the twenty-third movie in the Pokémon franchise, Ash Ketchum tells Coco an anecdote about her father: "When I was little, a lot of my friends made fun of me because of my dreams. I used to come home in a bad mood, but my dad would always tell me, "The card to make your dreams come true is in you. If you stop believing now, your dreams will never come true."

This is the first time Ash Ketchum has spoken about his fatherand who knows who will not anticipate its appearance in the future. In an old interview, the show's screenwriter had stated that Ash's father would only appear if his presence was deemed necessary for the character's growth, and given the events of Pokémon Explorations, the time might finally be right.

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