That Sailor eats spinach is an American cult figure. The franchise is as iconic as that of Tom & Jerry, Yogi Bear and so on. We deepen it with the special on the history of Popeye.

There's news for the famous character who was born from Elzie Crisler Segar: the publisher King Features Syndicate wants to show the background of the story of Popeye with a special comic. The name is Eye lie Popeye and has the distinction of bringing the infamous sailor into the world of manga. The story will openly pay tribute to some of the most famous Shonen series.

Created by Marcus Williams, this new ambitious series will touch on some interesting aspects of the lore: in particular the reasons that led Popeye to lose his eye many years ago. In addition to the cover, there is an official page at the bottom of this news: in it, Popeye faces a formidable opponent. The massive protagonist with the yellow pipe lies wounded on the ground and crawls towards his endless jar of spinach with the last of his strength. "As a huge fan of both Popeye and manga, I can't wait to combine both passions and bring fans a whole new format and style." says the artist.

The manga is available for pre-order on Eye Lie Popeye's official website. Are you looking forward to this new work? In case you missed it, remember Marcus Williams made oneofficial representation by Popeye and Goku.

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