Fire Force: announced the release date of the second season

The animated series of Fire Force has met with considerable success among the public, which is why it has been renewed for a second season, arriving next month. The anime staff posted a Twitter post, confirming that the show will return with new episodes on July 3rd.

The announcement was accompanied by a new key visual, on which the characters we met in the first season created by David Production stand out. We knew that sooner or later Fire Force would return to the small screen, but it was by no means a foregone conclusion - given the precarious conditions facing the industry.

In fact, the global pandemic has stopped the production of several animated series coming up during the year, including for example Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World. Despite this decidedly disheartening picture, the first signs of recovery can be seen.

Several weekly series such as Pokémon and Digimon are back on aira, while other titles - ONE PIECE and Black Clover above all - will be broadcast again in the coming weeks. For now there seems to be widespread optimism about the continuation of the season, but everything will depend on the trend of the pandemic situation in Japan.

Are you curious to see the next episodes of Fire Force?

The new teaser of the second season of Fire Force reveals a new entry in the cast. The first, explosive trailer of the next season of Fire Force is available.

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