Takehiko Inoue is a mangaka who has linked his name to many manga of great value throughout his career. The first thing that always comes to mind is Slam Dunk, which is picked up several times with different illustrations and artbooks, and Real can be found in the same way, chapters of which appear every now and then. But it's also important to remember rover.

Der Seine from the book "The Five Rings" tells about the birth and life of Musashi Miyamoto, one of the mythical figures of Japan. A character not to be forgotten when thinking about the world of the rising sun, especially the feudal era with samurai and bloody battles. Musashi is the protagonist of Vagabond, a manga that Takehiko Inoue paused for many years. The last volume currently available, 37, was published in 2015. Is there any hope for him?

Yes, says the mangaka. Takehiko Inoue says he would like to repeat Vagabond because the story isn't over yet. In fact, a good bit of samurai history is missing, as is his very important clash with another character who sparkles in the manga, Sasaki Kojiro. Inoue plans Quickly start working on Vagabond againso his return may not be that far away.

Are you ready to see Musashi's eyes again?

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