Eight episodes for now, but one was enough to understand that Chainsaw Man is not an anime like the others. The madness of Tatsuki Fujimoto, which until a few months ago was limited only to manga, has also reached those who only watch anime. The first episodes of the Studio MAPPA project made it immediately clear what to expect.

However, Episode 8 certainly wasn't kind to the audience, who was already beginning to find his favorite characters. Entering the scene of the Devil Katana actually messed up the plans of the Chainsaw Man protagonists, who found themselves in a vise. Himeno's sacrifice didn't help either, and now they're all on the brink of death.

But Makima is also dead in a final scene in Chainsaw Man 1x08 that shows neither mercy nor good feelings. However, the anime in China managed to make fans around the world laugh despite the situation. there Censorship applied to Makima in Chainsaw Man 1x08 in fact, it no longer makes the blood red, but white. A color that, according to large sections of the audience, is reminiscent of completely different liquids, making the scene very intoxicating.

Below, the Pochita account reported the image on Twitter, then it was re-shared by many users and apparently went viral. A very special choice that will certainly provoke more unpleasant moments.

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