That Return of Vash the Stampede it was received partly with euphoria and partly with surprise, but also with negative feelings. Public reaction to Trigun Stampede has therefore been mixed, but no doubt one will have to await the release of the full product before making a final judgement.

The staff say a lot about the Trigun Stampede 3DCG, with Studio Orange being very confident in the project they are undertaking along with mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow. But it's also time to show something more, something beyond the trailer for the anime coming next year.

The Orange Studio Anime Official Account shared a The first concept art of Trigun Stampede that Koji Tajima worked on. In this illustration, young Vash and Knives are seen from behind, having just arrived on the planet that would become their home. The two are dressed in gray while a trail of bright meteors can be seen in the sky. A really imaginative illustration.

Trigun Stampede will debut in 2023but the number of total episodes is not yet known, nor the exact exit window of this project, which will retrace the story of Vash in a whole new way.

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