In June, a new phase for Dragon Ball took place that did not take into account Goku or Vegeta. The two protagonists who are now always on stage have instead been pushed back to make room for other characters. And so Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was a movie full of new situations.

In Japan, everyone who was interested could now see the film in the cinema, but there are still other products. For collectors there is the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Animeban, which retells the story in a new format, but for those who want the movie, not only the classic home video edition is available, but even a steel book.

The release in the mother country is scheduled for December 7th and that is why the official channels have published this Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Steelbook Cover. The Blu-rays can be included in this box that you can see below, with Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast on the right, while on the left are the two superheroes Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, behind them the new Cell Max have , true and own enemy of this film project. The illustration is really well done, with a 2D drawing style that suits the characters well.

And to find out its quality, don't miss the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero review.

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